Article in Sea Technology Magazine

July 8, 2022

Article in Sea Technology Magazine

Many women may face obstacles when entering a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. How can women overcome these obstacles? How are companies benefitting from hiring more women in these industries?

“When faced with an obstacle, it is crucial to be confident and honest in expressing your concerns. It is not a weakness to speak up, as I once may have thought. You may find that you receive support and encouragement from your colleagues. You’ll also forge a path for other women at your company and make others feel less alone.”

In July 2022’s issue of Sea Technology, Pioneer Consulting’s Director of Permitting, Dr. Lorraine Gray, speaks about her own journey and how the subsea telecoms industry can benefit from more women getting involved. Read the full article here.

You may also download an electronic copy here: Encouraging More Women in STEM.

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