Pioneer Consulting’s detailed submarine system commercial terms and technical specifications have been utilized by significant system owners around the world and are continuously revised to changing market conditions and technical advancement.

Once the business case for a submarine fiber optic telecommunications cable is determined, we agree on a procurement strategy with our clients typically through four steps: request for quotation (RFQ) to potential suppliers, bid adjudication, best and final offer (BAFO), and contract formation.

Pioneer Consulting will develop technical and commercial adjudication/evaluation guidelines and methodologies prior to adjudication of supplier proposals. After completion of the RFQ documentation and evaluation guidelines, we expertly guide bidders through the process and continuously interact with both the potential suppliers and clients.

During the adjudication period, we thoroughly evaluate all received bids and analyze responses according to our documented criteria. Pioneer Consulting attends bidder presentations, provides analysis reports to clients, launches additional and/or clarification bid rounds that usually include a “best and final offer” (BAFO)—then we recommend the preferred bidder for contract formation based on the requirements of the project. Our team works to negotiate the contract and final project scope—bringing the new venture to a new milestone.

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