Turnkey Systems

Pioneer Consulting’s global team has a long history that draws on the experience of the industry’s well-known turnkey suppliers; many of our core team members come directly from these suppliers. We therefore understand the approach that is required to support a project from development through to ready-for-service (RFS).

While working alongside clients to understand their business drivers, Pioneer Consulting often begins by developing the technical specifications for the system, to help the client select the most appropriate design. We then participate in the procurement process — at times running the entire process autonomously and other times augmenting the client’s team. With expertise ranging from system design to desktop studies, charting, and marine planning, we have independent working relationships with turnkey system suppliers around the globe.

It is rare that the turnkey supplier delivers the entire project since it is usually more attractive to procure terrestrial services such as cable stations and civil works directly from local contractors. Pioneer Consulting integrates the engineering and schedules of the various suppliers to complete a project.

Using the findings from a cable route study, our expert team reviews the marine and burial assessment data with the system supplier and work to optimize the tradeoffs between cost, route, and cable production. We make recommendations to our client to determine a fully engineered cable route.  Pioneer Consulting then provides fully engaged shipboard representatives for both marine survey and installation operations to oversee the suppliers’ activities.

In parallel with supervision of the marine activities, Pioneer Consulting looks after quality assurance by performing factory audits, factory acceptance testing (FAT), and commissioning & acceptance (C&A) oversight. Our team of knowledgeable engineers ensures the supplier’s work is delivered in accordance with a master plan of work, developed and driven by us, so that clients receive the benefit of every dollar spent on their submarine cable system.

Throughout a project’s development cycle, we share the same goals as our clients and their supplier—to deliver on schedule, to specification, and to budget.

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