Core Team

Pioneer Consulting’s full-time, dedicated Core Team is strategically located around the globe.  With a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Middle East, our Core Team draws upon an expansive network of global associates to fill niche roles and staff projects with appropriate geographical resources. With deep knowledge and access to resources worldwide, our Core Team’s skills range from market analysis to mechanical and optical engineering to project management to commercial negotiations.

To learn more about our Core Team and their skills, feel free to reach out to one of us listed below.

  • Howard Kidorf - New Jersey, USA
    Managing Partner
  • Gavin Tully - New Jersey, USA
    Managing Partner
  • Bertrand Clesca - Paris, France
  • Keith Schofield - London, UK
    Strategic Advisor / Non-Executive Director
  • Dr. Lorraine Gray - Central Scotland, UK
    Director of Permitting
  • Iain Ritson - Edinburgh, UK
    Director of Client Solutions
  • Philip deGuzman - Pennsylvania, USA
    Director of Client Solutions
  • Dave Marie
    Dave Marie - Dubai, UAE
    Director of Client Solutions
  • Austin Shields – New Jersey, USA
    Director of Client Solutions
  • Jonathan "Nathan" Javier - Manila, Philippines
    Director of Client Solutions
  • Christine Schinella - New Hampshire, USA
    Marketing Logistics Manager
  • Michael Logan - London, UK
    Director of Business Development
  • Ai Collins – Ohio, USA
    Director of Accounting & Operations
  • Jillian Cardini - New Jersey, USA
    Accounting & Operations Manager
  • Bob Munoz - Vermont, USA
    Director of Marine Services
  • Dr. Srinivas Karuchula - Dubai, UAE
    General Manager Pioneer Consulting Middle East
  • Hasnain Ali - Dubai, UAE
    Director of Permitting & Regulatory Affairs Pioneer Consulting Middle East

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