Quality Assurance

Pioneer Consulting’s strong submarine network engineering capability and experience manufacturing and deploying systems means that when clients want to verify the quality of products and services, they do not receive a review from us only—they receive much more. Pioneer Consulting is rooted strongly on the concept of “product assurance” that goes far beyond ensuring suppliers meet ISO9001 and related standards; Pioneer Consulting verifies, via review and audit, the integrated engineering and quality outcomes clients require. This proven methodology has resulted in better outcomes for our clients in terms of system engineering and reliability.

To achieve this, we provide up-front engineering and design, thorough review of documentation (including manufacturing test specifications and factory release test specifications), factory quality assurance and forward into shipboard representation during the loading and marine installation phase.

Pioneer Consulting’s dedicated shipboard representatives are fully integrated into route engineering activities. We provide shipboard representatives during marine route survey, submarine cable loading, shore-end installation, main-lay installation, and post-lay operations.

In addition, we provide audits and representation during terminal station equipment installation activities, including system commissioning, backed up by oversight from Pioneer Consulting’s global offices.

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