Project Management

Pioneer Consulting provides the core services to implement submarine fiber optic telecommunications projects worldwide. We use our subsea cable engineering expertise to meticulously track, report, and engage in risk management and mitigation while keeping the project on schedule, to specification and to budget. To accomplish these goals, our team will:

  • Appoint a lead project manager and lead technical representative
  • Provide overall project coordination and conduct timely meetings
  • Coordinate activities among the project’s partners
  • Oversee the contractor’s plan of work (PoW) and create a master project schedule
  • Integrate the schedules and engineering among multiple contracts
  • Perform a supply contract review and audit
  • Oversee product assurance (factory audits during manufacture and factory acceptance test/FAT)
  • Coordinate a quality plan review and perform documentation oversight
  • Manage progress reviews and billing milestones
  • Provide route engineering input
  • Oversee network integration
  • Assist with the design and implementation of the data communication network (DCN)

If requested, Pioneer Consulting will also provide:

  • Shipboard representation for marine survey & installation
  • Representation for factory loading
  • Oversight of site acceptance testing (SAT) and commissioning & acceptance (C&A) activities
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M) structure and agreements
  • Onsite terminal station installation/audit representation
  • Terrestrial activities oversight
    • Cable landing station (CLS) support
    • Civil works oversight (outside plant, horizontal directional drilling, beach manhole)
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Submarine line terminal equipment (SLTE) procurement
  • Permitting oversight

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