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Designing and installing a submarine fiber optic cable system is no easy feat. The entire process, from initial surveys to completed installation, generally takes years due to the need to manage dozens of project elements, from strict permitting requirements and detailed technical studies, to installation logistics and cable engineering.


Cable route validation is precisely what Pioneer’s expert team did on behalf of a client who had recently deployed a series of submarine cables across Scotland, in order to provide faster and more reliable internet connectivity. Following analysis of the Marine Route Survey data, significant changes were needed to the routes and armouring types, resulting in dramatically increased costs. The client felt that these changes should have been foreseeable and accounted for as part of the route engineering. With Pioneer’s involvement we were able to demonstrate that pertinent information was available in the public domain and thus the client was able to justifiably avoid the additional cost and remain within budget.

While Pioneer was not involved in the initial development and deployment of the cable system, the team was contracted to perform critical post-installation validation of the main cable route’s engineering and costs on behalf of the system’s owner.


Through detailed review of the system’s initial marine route survey, and publicly available data sources, the Pioneer team showed how significant changes made to the cable system by the supplier were avoidable. Pioneer’s findings helped ensure that the client would not be held responsible for the additional fees.

Proper due diligence is key when laying the foundation for a subsea cable system. That is why Pioneer offers thorough feasibility studies and surveys to ensure the best possible cable route, setting your project up for success from the start. Please reach out to learn more about our all-inclusive submarine telecommunications consulting services via: [email protected].

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