Interview with The Wall Street Journal

January 15, 2022

Interview with The Wall Street Journal

“All of this [laying of submarine cables] must be done while maintaining the right amount of tension in the cables, and avoiding hazards as varied as undersea mountains, oil-and-gas pipelines and even shipwrecks and unexploded bombs . . . which helps companies engineer and build undersea fiber-optic cable systems.”

In the article: “Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft Weave a Fiber-Optic Web of Power: The four tech giants increasingly dominate the internet’s critical cable infrastructure,” Managing Partner Howard Kidorf shared the logistics regarding the process of subsea cable laying in The Wall Street Journal article written by Christopher Mims.

In recent years, the subsea fiber optic cable industry has grown substantially, and big technology companies are getting more involved than ever before. The full article may be found via the following link.

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